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ANTI-AGING Peeling Package

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A Peeling package for professionals, specially designed to achieve the best results from the very first applications. A kit designed for a sequential use of the products and, composed of: a Pre Peeling solution (acidifying); Glycolic acid 1.5 for an exfoliation and a bio-stimulating effect on the epidermis but without dehydrating the skin and leaving it soft and compact; Mandelic acid to optimise the exfoliating effects of the glycolic acid and attenuate all the typical signs of skin ageing. Thanks to its delicacy, mandelic acid can be used in complete safety, guaranteeing optimal results while respecting the skin treated with this acid; Hyaluronic Serum to complete the application of the kit and go on to deeply moisturise the skin which, after the application of these peelings, will be particularly receptive to subsequent hydration. In addition, thanks to an important exfoliation, all the processes of cell renewal and turnover will be initiated, making the skin appear soft, luminous, compact and noticeably more beautiful.
Following the absorption of the pure, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid contained in our hyaluronic serum, we recommend always applying UVB and UVA protection.

Number of applications 30


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