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The Organic Revitalizing Line, products distributed by Medinnova, includes all products for tissue regeneration, improving metabolic processes, and restoring proper balance in aging-prone areas of the face. Among Organic Revitalizing products, you can try Noevelle Hydro with ultra-pure HA 16m/g volumetric acid: indicated to prevent aging in young skin and to restructure mature skin. It has a regenerating action as it stimulates collagen production, restructuring due to fibroblast proliferation, moisturizing and anti-radical.
Try also Nouvelle Hydro Volume, a biorevitalizer that has a filler-like volume effect through dermo-epidermal stimulation and is indicated for the treatment of cheeks, mandibular area, zygomatic area, hands, and décolleté. Nouvelle Hydro Volume helps tissue regeneration, improves metabolic processes, restores proper balance in facial areas prone to aging, and allows for an even and long-lasting aesthetic effect.

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