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A dermocosmetics company

Medinnova s.r.l is a functional dermocosmetics company that, for more than 10 years, has been working with both professionalism and passion for the benefit of your skin’s health, using selected active ingredients and the best of Made In Italy. Medinnova develops and sells innovative and top-quality products for medical and aesthetic use in order to achieve the best results and maximum satisfaction of its customers. Medinnova is much more than an online dermocosmetic company: anyone can buy on the dedicated e-commerce medical, professional, cosmetic products and much more, in complete convenience and safety.

Although Medinnova caters to individuals, it also focuses on wholesaling its products by targeting medical offices, beauty centers and gyms and applying special discounts in such cases.

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Medinnova peeling for maximum efficacy in complete safety: an innovative next-generation carrier

Suspension of 100 NM nanospheres containing peeling acids in a polyethylene glycol solution.100 NM Nanospheres consist of a porous polymer that acts as a reservoir for peeling acids by promoting:

Homogeneous dispersion without product overload

Increased absorption

Slow and controlled release

Consistent bioavailability

Improved efficacy and tolerability


Commitment, passion, reliability

The company shares important values such as constant commitment to its work, passion for the field, reliability and expertise towards its customers.


Customer satisfaction

Medinnova has always been very focused on its customers. The company’s goal is to have, through the application of its products, concrete and visible results that meet the different needs of its customers. That is why, for years, Medinnova has been committed to formulating high-level products with the aim of meeting a wide variety of needs.


Research and development expertise

For more than 10 years, Medinnova has taken part in major conferences in Aesthetic Medicine. The staff benefits from solid skills and many years of experience in research and formulation development, and carefully selects active ingredients for products.

Why is daily use of cosmetics so important?

Multiple causes are responsible for an early aging process of our skin. Some of these relate to: environmental agents, stress, smoking, UV exposure, hormonal changes, age; these are all factors that over time are capable of altering the normal firmness, degree of hydration, brightness and evenness of the skin, thus promoting the onset of small blemishes that become more pronounced with time.

Which are the benefits of cosmetic products?

Increased skin firmness

Anti-Aging Effect

Regulation of sebum secretion

Counteracting acne even in active phase

Deep hydration

Protection from UVB and UVA rays

Anti-oxidant effect

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The Medinnova products: the assurance for your beauty

Medinnova formulates medical and cosmetic products of the highest quality, innovation, effectiveness, and safety, designed to fulfill the beauty dream of all its customers of all ages.

Results and high quality

The effects of Medinnova products are clinically proven from the very first applications. The cosmetic treatments improve skin volume loss, smooth out wrinkles and any skin blemishes, correct the radiance of the complexion making it more even, and are perfect for oily skin as they regulate sebum secretion and tighten pores.


All Medinnova products are tested, safe and controlled.

Cruelty Free

Medinnova does not perform or commission any kind of testing of its products on animals, so the products espouse a cruelty-free philosophy.

Active Ingredients

The company selects and uses only pure and effective ingredients in high concentration to ensure maximum results after the first applications every time.

Science and Nature

Innovative high-performance formulas to combine the power of nature and science.


Medinnova presents an innovative Peeling line thanks to the use of nanotechnology, which is able to improve the efficacy and tolerability of the product thanks to a slow and controlled release of the molecules. The acid molecules reach the various layers of the epidermis in an optimal concentration to ensure maximum efficacy in complete safety, without ever having the overload of active ingredient.

Try Medinnova products for healthier, more beautiful skin over time

All products in this online shopping are strictly Made in Italy. The purpose of Medinnova’s products is to make skin healthier, brighter and smoother, diminish blemishes, fine lines and enlarged pores, and reduce acne and its scarring outcomes. Check out all the products and categories in Medinnova’s online shopping!

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A day with Medinnova: classes designed for beauty

Medinnova holds regular training courses for doctors and professionals in the aesthetic field to showcase the use and effectiveness of its products. Attending courses and body care days is easy: fill out the form on this page to receive all the information about dates, times and costs.
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Body and facial care days with specific treatments

1) Intralipototherapy 2) Mesotherapy 3) Peeling 4) Filler
Close-up of cosmetologist holding face peeling procedure to mature woman in beauty salon

Peeling Courses

Medinnova provides demonstration assistance and courses for facial peeling: a theoretical-practical demonstration session for the correct execution of peeling with products from the Medinnova line, so that you can make the most of their characteristics and achieve maximum results.
Side view of young attractive woman procedure for lip augmentation in professional salon. Concept of beauty procedure with good mood and with professional cosmetics.
botox injections

Filler and Biorestructuring

Medinnova holds days dedicated to facial care, with filler and bioreconstruction treatments.

F.A.Q. Section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medinnova offers a consulting service for beauty centers and/or medical centers that need support in choosing specific products or treatments to meet special needs and requirements of specific customers. Medinnova’s staff will be happy to address any concerns and offer information, advice and opinions regarding its products.

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